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Hi Friend, Welcome to The Gutsy Truth!

It’s Katelyn and Abigail!

What every woman needs to know in the modern era.

Through expert insights, personal stories, and raw truths, we offer strategies, advice and a supportive community to live a gutsy life.



Hi Friends! Katelyn here. 

I’m from California, but currently live in Texas with my husband Bruce and our sweet, but stubborn long hair miniature Dachshund named Penny.

I’m passionate about learning about wellness and all things non toxic. I care about shopping small and creating memorable experiences for others.

My closet is made up of shirts, dresses and pants that are olive green, black, white, or denim. In my purse, you’ll always find a packet of LMNT electrolytes (yay salt), a handful of colored pens, and a notebook.

I love a yoga class under the sun and I love how a long walk can truly transform my day. At one point in my life, my future pointed to a life as a professional opera singer. Now, I’m here to make connections, create meaningful relationships and hopefully spread some positivity in the world. That’s the Gutsy Truth.


Hey y’all, it’s Abigail. 

I’m a Texas gal who grew up in the city, but got out to the country as fast as she could. I live on a ranch with my husband, Walter, spunky 5 year old daughter, 2 horses, cows and a spoiled rotten red heeler named Lucy.

I love empowering women to be confident and courageous with who they are and showing them they can do anything!

I’m obsessed with a good pair of cowgirl boots and bold turquoise jewelry. You can always find some wholesome snacks in my purse (mainly New Primal Turkey sticks) along with a giant bottle of water and red lipstick.

I love crisp fall mornings with a cup of coffee and nights around a campfire with family and friends. The mountains are where my soul longs to be, but the view of the horses and cows out of my kitchen windows brings me the most peace


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