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Content Disclaimer

THe Gutsy Truth often shares content and stories of times that individuals were navigating hard times mentally and/or physically, please know that we believe in the empowerment of voice and the power of a story. With this in mind we encourage you to check the show notes for an episode prior to listening if there are particular life situations that may be triggering for you.

The Gutsy Truth, nor its staff are not medical experts, nor your medical experts. We exist to empower conversations with your mental and physical healthcare providers. Not all journeys are unique and the advice shared here should be taken in consultation with those who know you as subject matter experts. The Gutsy Truth, its hosts, and affiliates are to be held harmless And immune from litigation and/or damages that may arise by taking any actions taken based on the content of any publication from The gutsy truth, may it be presented in live, written, photo, audio, or video format.