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Episode 12 – The Importance of Taking Risks With Katie Neason

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This week we sit down with Katie Neason, a real estate entrepreneur, active investor and redeveloper. Katie talks to us about her journey of ditching her W-2 in the commercial banking industry and becoming a full time real estate investor. She talks to us about fear and betting on ourselves. She talks about the importance of taking risks and how it’s not about just taking one big leap, but instead seeing risk taking as a lifestyle.

Friends sometimes we need a kick in pants to make a change and that’s exactly what this episode is about. Katie’s story inspires us, but she also gives us the frame work to be gutsy and start taking those risks. We learned so much from Katie and know you will just love this conversation too.

Quotes Mentioned

“It’s the willingness to take consistent small steps, always headed in the right direction, and not being afraid if you take the wrong step.” – Katie

“It’s way riskier to stay in a job forever, that you’re miserable at, then taking the leap and trying something new and failing.” – Katie

“You’re always going to have that guilt. So I think at the end of the day, like listen to your soul.” – Katie

If you never leave it, you’ll never be able to see the other side of the coin.” – Katie

“We need people to help us to get there faster.” – Katie

“Whatever your limiting belief is, you’ll never bust through that without recognizing it and removing it.” – Katie 

“If I continually show up in the path of opportunity, it just significantly increases my odds” – Katie

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