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Episode 13 – An Honest Chat about Mental Health With Lauren Bartleson

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Abigail and I are so excited for you to tune in for this beautiful conversation with our new friend, Lauren Bartleson. Lauren is an author, communications manager, and mental health advocate. Lauren recently published a book called Behind the Facade: A Mental Health Memoir and friends, it’s a must read. We talk about mental health, boundaries, having a community, and so much more. 
Lauren’s story is raw and vulnerable and her story is something we can all learn and grow from. It’s a reminder that you never know what’s truly going on behind the facade. It’s a reminder that if you are navigating a mental health journey, you are not alone. It’s also reminder to be gutsy. 
If you are struggling with a mental health journey, Lauren’s story is here to breakdown the stigma around mental health. We hope this episode with Lauren will bring you comfort and inspiration.

Quotes Mentioned

“Behind the facade is there’s a real person behind this, who is going through something, everyone is going through something.” – Lauren

“You are not alone.” – Lauren

“You never know whose life you could be changing by sharing your story.” – Lauren

“Settle in, not down.” – Lauren

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