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Episode 16 – Reducing Chemical Stress with Chris Thompson

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Chris Thompson is the founder and owner of KLENR, a company that makes natural products such as soap, deodorant, and beard oil using all organic and non toxic ingredients. Before pursuing this entrepreneurial endeavor, Chris served as a Green Beret in 3rd Special Forces Group. It was during his time in the military that he first learned about the harmful chemicals he was being exposed to on a daily basis. He eventually began making changes to transform his life by using clean, non toxic products. What started as a desire to limit his exposure to these chemical stressors has now turned into KLENR where he is able to offer a variety of natural products on a large scale.

We just loved talking to Chris and know you will be inspired by his story!

Quotes Mentioned

“Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the Special Operations community.” – Chris

“The three different aspects of stress that lead to disease – chemical stress, emotional stress. And the third one is physical stress.” – Chris

“We list out every single ingredient that goes into all of our products.” – Chris

“These healthy choices can be habit and can become easy.” – Chris

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