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Episode 18 – Thyroid Health 101 with Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing

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Who’s ready to learn the Gutsy Truth about thyroid health? Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing is back to discuss Thyroid Health 101. Leigh Anne is a former pill-pushing pharmacist turned women’s functional health coach who helps her clients discover the root cause of illness. In this episode she explains what the thyroid’s role in the body is, the difference between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, how to advocate for yourself along your healing journey and so much more.

Quotes Mentioned

“Stand up for yourself and advocate for yourself.” – Leigh Anne

“The thyroid, I like to call it the canary in the coal mine, because when that starts to have issues, then you know that there’s probably many deeper underlying things going on.” – Leigh Anne

“Many people get diagnosed with hypothyroidism think that their thyroid is broken. In reality, the thyroid is probably actually just fine. There’s just a lot of other things going on that’s causing the thyroid to be sluggish.” – Leigh Anne

“I’m really in the thick of my health coaching business and I’m walking with women in the process of healing.” – Leigh Anne

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