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Episode 2 – Abigail’s Story

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Hey Ya’ll. Welcome to The Gutsy Truth. In this episode, Abigail Noel, co-host of the The Gutsy Truth Podcast, shares her story of postpartum. She talks about how for so long she wasn’t able to pinpoint specific symptoms or diagnosis for feeling not like herself, and how she turn her grit into resilience.

Quotes Mentioned

“I downplayed my own journey, because I didn’t think it was traumatic enough to be that to be worthy of needing help.” – Abigail 

The biggest thing is just trusting in yourself that when something doesn’t feel right, that’s a sign. Your body is meant to heal itself.” – Abigail 

I turned my grit into resilience.” – Abigail

“Your thoughts matter” – Abigail

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1 thought on “Episode 2 – Abigail’s Story”

  1. I learned to be my own medical advocate years ago. In 2003 I had back surgery. It was a lumbar fusion with a metal rod on each side of my spine. After the swelling went down, I began having electrical shocks. In my back. I was told this is normal and would subside. If not, then we will take them out. I told them I’m not waiting and after X-rays and a mri, which showed the rods touching my nerve, out they came!
    Then, 5 years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr tried to talk me into an implant . Didn’t want it, didn’t get it. But then the oncologist wanted me to do chemo and radiation. So, I asked for plan b. So, I took a pill a day that blocked estrogen..screwed with my body like crazy. Supposed to take it for 5 years. But, when Covid hit I called and told them I was getting off of it. I needed to know, if I got sick, whether it was side affects or real sickness. Now, here I am 5 years after surgery, and no signs of cancer. Listen to your body! Doctors can only advise from their experience and education..

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