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Episode 23 – An Honest Conversation about Sexual Assault & Violence with Bonny Shade

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In this profoundly important episode, we have an honest and eye-opening conversation with Bonny Shade. As an advocate for sexual assault survivors and a passionate educator, Bonny has some major goals of ending campus based sexual violence, empowering women, and building better communities. Bonny shares with us invaluable insights on sexual assault and violence. She explains what sexual assualt looks like, what consent actually means, and most importantly how we can support and respect survivors of sexual violence with empathy and compassion. Bonny is not afraid to discuss uncomfortable topics, so get ready for this empowering and unfiltered conversation as she shares her expertise, survivor journey, and passion for creating positive change.

Quotes Mentioned

“If you can order Chipotle, you can ask for or receive consent when it comes to sex.” – Bonny

“The best way to have great sex is through having a conversation with someone that’s rooted in empathy.” – Bonny

“Victims and survivors of sexual violence are not a problem to be solved.” – Bonny

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