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Episode 25 – How to Bet on Yourself with Courtney Lynch

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In this empowering episode, we have the honor of sitting down with Courtney Lynch. As a former Marine Corps officer and founder of Lead Star, a renowned leadership development consulting firm, Courtney has so much valuable wisdom on leadership, risk-taking, and the power of betting on oneself. Courtney explains that true leadership is about influencing outcomes and inspiring others and that embracing risk is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Join us as we learn how our willingness to take risks is what propels us towards the directions of our hearts.

Quotes Mentioned

“Leadership is about how effective are you at influencing outcomes and inspiring others.” – Courtney

“Confidence is not a skill. It’s an emotion. And when we recognize that it’s an emotion, we also get an appreciation for the volatility.” – Courtney

“It’s our ability to embrace risk that allows us to step in that direction of our heart.” – Courtney

“The more you’re able to move towards action, the more you build confidence, because you’re building experience, and you’re building resilience, and you’re building that track record of success.” – Courtney

“Once you start growing as a leader, gutsy becomes more and more possible.” – Courtney

“Just commit to growth. it might be 30 minutes a week, or five minutes a day, whatever works for you.” – Courtney


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