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Episode 27 – Understanding Sustainability with Liz Winkley

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This week we sit down with Liz Winkley to discuss the gutsy truth about sustainability. She talks to us about the impact of fast fashion, how to shift away from single-use products, and the importance of making sustainabile choices over what’s convenient. Liz talks about how we can make mindful choices everyday so we can collectively create a positive impact on our environment. Join us for this vital conversation about sustainable living, as we learn simple tips and tricks for a more eco-conscious future.

Quotes Mentioned

“I didn’t realize so much of our plastic recycling wasn’t getting recycled. It was just getting shipped to poor countries.” – Liz

“Choosing the more environmentally friendly option often is the less toxic option, and is often is the better overall health choice.” – Liz

“If you are voting for fast fashion, then you are voting for factories that aren’t safe, factories, that aren’t paying fair wages, that don’t have air conditioning, or heat or that don’t pay for health care benefits.” – Liz

“A good place to start is actually just reducing.” – Liz

“There is nothing that is new in the world today that you cannot find secondhand.” – Liz


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