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Episode 29: The Importance of Knowing Your Colors with Jordan Morchat

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Jordan Morchat is owner of Color Me Light where she educates, equips and empowers her clients about how to navigate colors, shopping, their wardrobe, makeup, accessories, and literally anything you put on your body. Join us as Jordan teaches us about colors, the importance of doing a color analysis and how to have more light, clarity and color in your life.

Quotes Mentioned

“Knowing the things that flatter you can help you stay in your own lane.” – Jordan

“You can honor the beauty in somebody else, and then realize that’s not gonna work for you.” – Jordan

“Focus on what is best for you rather than trying to carry everything that everybody else is doing.” – Jordan

“As you’re investing in new pieces, it’s not about getting something just because it’s your color, but getting it because it’s your color, but also your style.” – Jordan

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