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Episode 3 – Functional Medicine and Being Your Own Health Advocate with Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing

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In this week’s episode we interview Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing, a former pill-pushing pharmacist turned women’s functional health coach. She talks about Functional Medicine, how we can heal ourselves through food and lifestyle changes, and the importance of being your own health advocate.

Quotes Mentioned

“The body was designed to heal, and when we give it what it needs, it will heal.” – Leigh Anne

“if you live the standard American lifestyle, you will get the standard American disease.” – Leigh Anne

“The top five things that I work On with my clients: Diet, Stress, Gut Health, Sleep, & Joy.” – Leigh Anne

“Finding joy & getting out in nature, putting the phone down, spending time with your kids, finding those things that bring you joy, I call it vitamin joy.” – Leigh Anne

“My goal with you, is for you to uncover the things that your body needs to thrive.” – Leigh Anne

“No matter what diagnosis you’ve been given, you’re not your diagnosis.” – Leigh Anne

“Wherever you are, you can heal.” – Leigh Anne

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