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Episode 33 – The Silent Epidemic: Blood Sugar with Leigh Anne Rushing

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In this eye-opening episode we shine a spotlight on the silent epidemic of blood sugar imbalance. Join us as Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing discusses the impact of blood sugar levels on your health and why you should care. She talks about how we can take charge of our health and teaches us the simple steps to manage our blood sugar effectively.

Quotes Mentioned

Many people are diagnosed with type two diabetes, and they feel like it came out of nowhere. In reality, that process had been going on 10 plus years in their body.” – Leigh Anne Rushing

“Even if you have any of these issues, they can be reversed.” – Leigh Anne Rushing

“No naked carbs. So we’re never going to eat a carb alone.” – Leigh Anne Rushing 

“I always tell people, eat your veggies first.” Leigh Anne Rushing

“The next time you go get your blood work done. Ask your doctor to measure fasting insulin.” – Leigh Anne Rushing

“If you want to live a healthier life, if you want to have longevity, if you want to, you know be healthy as you age, this applies to you.” – Leigh Anne Rushing

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