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Episode 35 – Work Wisdom with Kedren Crosby

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This week Kedren Crosby talks to us all about leadership, work culture and tips for success for winning in the workplace. As the founder of Work Wisdom, a B Corporation which enhances the performance of leaders and teams who are seeking to make the world a better place, Kedren is an expert when it comes to understanding and applying various frameworks for team and individual success. If you are navigating a difficult situation at work or just want to continue to grow as a professional, this episode is a must.


Quotes Mentioned

71% of leaders are currently feeling burned out and even looking for a job that has less stress.”

“Do you want to make soup for that person on a Saturday? Am I going to make soup for that person? Or is this person not someone I need to make soup for?” – Kedren

“Once we have the awareness, and we’re conscious of it, it’s so much easier to change behavior.” – Kedren

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