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Episode 37 – The Power of Finding your Flow with Amanda Bartel

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Amanda Bartel is the owner of White Lotus Pottery. Before becoming a full-time potter, she spent over a decade as an occupational therapist – a profession founded on the idea that meaningful activity is the best way to support health and wellbeing. Amanda shares her journey of becoming a potter, happiness, the beauty behind the pottery process and the power of finding your flow. Join us for this inspiring and beautiful conversation!

Quotes Mentioned

“I feel like we’ve been really open to all of the possibilities that have sort of come our way and said yes to the right things at the right times.” – Amanda

“Flow is a state in which people are so involved in the activity that nothing else seems to matter. And the experience is so enjoyable that a person will continue to do it, even at great costs. For the sheer sake of doing it.” – Amanda

“I think it’s so important to live an intentional life no matter what you do.” – Amanda

“The lotus flower grows and swamps out of muck. There’s just a lot of goo, dirt and muddy stuff. And then out of that comes this beautiful nature’s art and then a lotus flower so beautiful. So that kind of feels like what making a pot is. You take a lump of mud and you turn it into something beautiful.” – Amanda

“Don’t be afraid to expand out of your comfort zone and do something for the first time. Because it might just end up being your life.” – Amanda

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