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Episode 4 – Navigating Grief with Movement featuring Nyri Agajanian

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In this week’s episode we interview Nyri Agajanian about how movement helped her move through e grief of losing her father. She talks about how her pain turned into her purpose to become a NASM certified personal trainer and help other women use movement as a tool to heal through various seasons of life.

Quotes Mentioned​

“Movement has helped me move through my grief.” – Nyri Agajanian

“Grief doesn’t necessarily get smaller, I think your life kind of grows around it.” – Nyri Agajanian

“Movement should not be so hard that you are nervous or worried about coming back next time.” – Nyri Agajanian

“it’s really easy to be hard on yourself, but it’s hard to give yourself grace.” – Nyri Agajanian

“It’s really about discipline, not motivation.” – Nyri Agajanian

“Anybody anywhere can move.” – Nyri Agajanian


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