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Episode 7 – How Nutrition Can Transform Your Health with Sheila Vuckovic

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In this week’s episode we sit down with Sheila Vuckovic. After her oldest son was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sheila began researching nutrition and it’s effect on disease processes. She completely overhauled her family’s diet and saw such dramatic changes in her son that it fueled her passion to help others heal with nutrition. Sheila is a Hormone and Wellness program manager, certified nutritional therapy, certified bio individual nutrition practitioner and a certified personal trainer.

Quotes Mentioned

“If you are eating junk food, you are powering yourself with junk, and you will get junk cells.” – Sheila

“You have to find your why.” – Sheila

“Everybody needs to be outside walking every single day for at least 10 to 15 minutes.” – Sheila

“There is going to be something that’s going to get pushed to the side, if you’re going to take on this healthy lifestyle journey, and you have to be okay with that.” – Sheila

“You need to be eating as diverse as possible. And some of the studies have shown that people that make it to their 90s, they have a more diverse microbiome than people that are sick that are in their 20s.” – Sheila

“The body is really resilient.” – Sheila

“Our goal is what is the root cause of why you feel bad.” – Sheila


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