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Episode 8 – How to be an Entrepreneur First, Artist Second with Ashley Siegert

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In this week’s episode we sit down with Ashley Siegert, a lifetime manic entrepreneur who began her portrait studio, Fig-Mint Photography in 2011. She talks to us about how her approach of being an entrepreneur first and an artist second helped her successfully build multiple portrait brands and employ many other women in multiple markets. Ashley is a certified professional photographer, photographic craftsman from the professional photographers of America, and an overall badass business woman.

Quotes Mentioned​

“I’m an entrepreneur first and an artist second.” – Ashley Siegert

“one of our core business principles is ‘I got you girl.'” – Ashley Siegert

“I have seen a decline in the quality of female relationships, because of the intersection of social media, and MLMs.” – Ashley Siegert

“I think one of the biggest things is risk tolerance.” – Ashley Siegert

“I’m actually most scared of boredom.” – Ashley Siegert

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Website // Instagram


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