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Episode 6 – How Your Purpose Can Bloom and Grow Over Time with Amy McGee

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In this week’s episode, we interview Amy McGee, Founder and Creative Director of Botanical Brouhaha and Bloom Trust Co. Amy talks to us about her 20+ year career in the floral industry and how it evolved from growing flowers in her garden to now “flowering with purpose” through an internship program for local teenagers.

Quotes Mentioned​

“Holding on to things kind of loosely, I think is important. I mean even if you don’t, life is going dictate whether or not it works anyway. So you have to hold on loosely.” – Amy McGee

“I think we need to indulge young people in whatever interests them and set them up for success.” – Amy McGee

“Every little step that keeps you moving forward in life gives you motivation, and you don’t know where it’s going to end up. And so that’s fun. It’s like reading a book and you don’t know the ending. ” – Amy McGee

“I just need a purpose behind it. And then I’ll figure out the rest.” – Amy McGee

“Flowering with purpose is our tagline.” – Amy McGee

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